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Alpha Care 45 capsules


  • Alpha Care is very useful for diseases of urinary tract, uterus as well as seminal disorders


Alpha Care is very useful for diseases of the urinary tract, uterus as well as seminal disorders. Alpha Care also provides relief in dysuria resulted due to prostate enlargement. It is also very useful in oligospermia ( low sperm count). And it also effects in all problems related to enlargement of the prostate UTI UTI is very common in females and especially in diabetic persons. This is the best herbal choice for all types of urinary tract infections. It acts as a bacteriocidal as well as bacteriostat

Low sperm count >  In case of oligospermia it is the herbal remedy for oligospermia. It increases the count naturally and also increases the quality naturally.

infertility > It is used in both types of infertilit that is male and female . So it is best ayurvedic treatment for male and female infertility

cervicitis > in cervicitis, when there is inflammtion of cervix , then we use many types of antibiotics. But this is the best herbal antibiotic which cover the infections from root cause

Urethritis > Prostrate enlargement In all types of BPH,

prostate enlargement >this herbal product is the product of chooice to curb the problem

Helpful in kidney problems > in case of acute kidney failure, chronic kidney failure, glomeralo nephritis, nephortic syndrome, in all these cases we need to increase the GFR, that means filetration rate of kidneys.

Anti inflammtory >

Anti oxident>

Anti Septic Parmeh >

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